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Jun 04, 2015Mark Lenga

What to Protein Balls and Pavlova have in common?

They're both brand new products by brand new members of the Satisfine Foods community. 

You asked and we listened, bringing you great products, reflecting the latest trends in the foodservice industry. 



"Health Lab are a brand run by women who aren’t afraid to stand out and make great products to fuel your day with clean, nourishing and natural products. 

Our line of protein balls are honest, free from nasties and full of protein. They are your gluten-free, guilt-free partner, giving you that 3pm energy hit to help you get through the day. 

We are a brand run by women, inspired by the fierce, courageous, ambitious individuals who dream big, challenge the boundaries, aim high and kick ass along the way. "


Energise - Choc Protein Balls:
Raw | 100% natural | Gluten-free | Refined Sugar Free | Grain Free | Paleo 

Peanut Butter Protein Balls:
Raw | 100% natural | Gluten-free | Refined Sugar Free | Grain Free | Paleo 




"Country Chef Desserts began with a dream to provide the perfect pavlova to cafe’s and restaurants nationwide.

Now, over 20 years later, our commitment to creating innovative, unique and cost-effective desserts for your businesses, have helped us grow a nationally recognised brand with a flair for great desserts. 

Our mission is to bring home-style taste, hard to bake desserts within arm’s reach of every Australian and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years." 



Chocolate Dipped Profiteroles | Home-style pastry puffs dipped in milk chocolate,with a perfectly baked choux pastry shell and fresh cream filling.

  • 111 units / per box
  • $60.10
  • Product Code: A24076
  • 18 month shelf life

    Vanilla Filled Profiteroles | A mini treat can be a simple snack or an easy-to-assemble croquembouche tower for functions and parties.
    It comes frozen and can be thawed in just 10-15 minutes. 
  • 15g x 68 units / per box
  • $52.95
  • Product Code: A24074
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months

  • Petite Dessert Variety Pack | 
    14 x Brownie - 16 x Mini Vanilla Slice  - 12x Mini Chocolate Filled Profiteroles - 12 x Mini Banana Eclair
  • 15g x 54 units / per box
  • $38.90
  • Product Code: A24090
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months

    Single Serve Pavlova | An absolute staple of the Country Chef brand, individual serve pavlova, with a soft centre and thin delicate crust.

  • 40g x 40 units / per box
  • $45.65
  • Product Code: D40
  • Shelf Life: (frozen) 7 Months

    Mini Vanilla Filled Eclairs | 
    Perfect cocktail sized dessert, with each coated in Belgian chocolate and filled with real cream.


  • 15g x 62 units / per box
  • $38.85
  • Product Code: A24079
  • 12 month shelf life


    Wallaby Superfoodie KPI-BAR 

    Get the latest from the new Wallaby Superfoodie range, now featuring a savoury kick! 

    These are all Gluten Free products. 

    BBQ plum

    Chai Coconut Spice with Cranberry

    Pistachio Sea Salt Sour Cherry

    Sweet Chilli Lime with Goji

    Wasabi Sesame Lemon


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