NEWS: April

Welcome to the Satisfine Foods news for the month of April.

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With Anzac Day around the corner, we've got some excellent products on offer to help you capture a genuine Anzac experience.

We have Anzac cookies and other Anzac themed products in a variety of quantities, packagingand display options. 

Let's commemorate Anzac day together, in traditional style.

See you at the two-up tables!

1. 12x Byron Bay Cafe Cookies - ANZAC
2. 70x Kez's Portion Control Range - ANZAC (2 pieces)
3. 100x Byron Bay Twin Pack Cookies - ANZAC
4. 12x Crave Anzac Cookies
5. 12x Byron Bay Single Wrap Cafe Cookies - ANZAC




Mother's Day is a very special time for family and the friends who are our family as well. 

We have released a special mother's day catalogue of products to help you get in the spirit and celebrate this mother's day. 

Nothing says I love you or I appreciate you - like chocolate does. 

Make your orders today!

See the catalogue here. 


visit the mother's day page on our website.



GREAT value gifts with your next Bondi Chai order:

  • BUY 7x 1kg bag of Bondi Chai Bondi Chai - RECEIVE 6 Bondi Chai hug mugs
  • BUY 14 x 1kg bags of Bondi Chai - RECEIVE a Bondi Chai canister

Take advantage of this great offer in your next order with us.

If you're still not sold, let us give you the FACTS about Bondi Chai:

  • 1kg of Bondi Chai makes 100 serves
  • Gross yield of $400 / kg ($4 chai latte x 100 serves)
  • Can be used to make hot and cold drinks, in dessert recipes and more, making Bondi Chai a versatile choice. 

See the promotion flyer here.



For the month of April and forever more, we will be growing our social media accounts

Our goal is to engage the foodservice industry as a whole, itneracting with the community online. 

Join us and stay tuned for exclusive offers, upcoming specials and industry news that's relevant to YOU and your business. 

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