SPECIAL: Bondi Chai

Apr 02, 2015Mark Lenga

GREAT value gifts with your next Bondi Chai order:

  • BUY 7x 1kg bag of Bondi Chai Bondi Chai - RECEIVE 6 Bondi Chai hug mugs
  • BUY 14 x 1kg bags of Bondi Chai - RECEIVE a Bondi Chai canister

Take advantage of this great offer in your next order with us.

If you're still not sold, let us give you the FACTS about Bondi Chai:

  • 1kg of Bondi Chai makes 100 serves
  • Gross yield of $400 / kg ($4 chai latte x 100 serves)
  • Can be used to make hot and cold drinks, in dessert recipes and more, making Bondi Chai a versatile choice.