SATISFINE FOODS | Our Brand Profile


Satisfine Foods was born from humble beginnings by Mark Lenga in 2002. Starting out of a storage room under the stairs in his parents home, Mark combined his past experience of working at Nestle and his flair for entrepreneurship to develop and grow a successful business. 


A long way from the storage cupboard under the stairs, Satisfine Foods now operates comfortably out of Alexandria, servicing business all over NSW and continues to expand and grow. 

Satisfine Foods offer an unparalleled level of service and niche range of products at extremely competitive prices.

Everything we do is with our customers in mind,

"We understand that the success of your business depends on the reliability of ours and it is this which underpins the driving forces behind our daily operations."

We strive to be the best at what we do so that you can be the best at what you do. It is this which gives us the drive to constantly review and update every aspect of our business.

Following trends in the food industry, understanding growth areas and working closely with our suppliers helps us retain a competitive edge over other competitors in the industry.

For example, we have noticed the increasing demand for delicious and attractive gluten free products and now proudly offer over 100 products to cater to this demand. We have extended this to nut free, dairy free and egg free products too!


We love the brands that we work with. Wholesaling at the premium end of the market, we know that there’s not a product that we stock which we wouldn’t feed to our own family and it is this which makes it so easy to love the work we do and to love the brands we work with.

We offer a huge range of delicious foods to suit every need, from cereals to sweet baked goods, confectionery to patisserie items and desserts.

Holidays are important to our customers and celebrating those special moments with food, throughout the year can turn a one-off customer, a lifetime customer. We have seasonal products which are offered at specific times of year such as Christmas or Easter to help you celebrate those special moments and monthly specials to keep things interesting for everyone. 

Satisfine Foods are entirely Australian owned and operated and have been HACCP certified for 7 years running.

The HACCP certification is the industry standard for the purchase, warehouse and supply of frozen, baked and confectionary processed finished food products to the retail and foodservice markets.


We have some exciting news to announce very shortly. 

Stay tuned!