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The Origins of Bondi Chai

You know that feeling that only a brew of hot chai latte can evoke?

The feeling that you're warming up from the inside out and letting go of the breath you didn't realise you've been holding. It's the feeling of being relaxed. 

Satisfine Foods goes behind the scenes to discover what makes Bondi Chai so amazing.

We found this video which gives a fantastic insight into the delicious Chai blend we've all come to know and love. 

Where did Bondi Chai come from? Melissa Edyvean, company co-founder, outlines a short history of Bondi Chai.

On a colder day or a breezy night, with friends or your family, a creamy Chai latte will hit the spot every time.

We stock Bondi Chai to many cafes and shops around Sydney and NSW, fulfilling the Chai cravings of thousands of people daily. 

Click here to view our great selection of Bondi Chai products. 

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