How Almond Milk Is Changing The Australian Cafe Scene

Jun 24, 2016Adam Sharon-Zipser
How Almond Milk Is Changing The Australian Cafe Scene

So when it comes to coffee, smoothies and all the other things we do with that good old white stuff, it seems 'milk' is not just 'milk' any more. And we're not just talking about that well-known alternative, soy milk, we're talking about the newer member to the milky scene - almond milk. Here are some reasons those in the hospitality and cafe scenes who are not already on the almond milk wagon should jump aboard right now.


Just like cow's milk, you can warm it up, chill it, use it as an alternative in any recipe asking for 'milk' and still satisfy those looking for non-dairy or soy alternatives that are easier on the stomach. You can even drink it straight out of the container as it comes either unsweetened or in common flavours like vanilla and chocolate. It creates particularly rich, foamy, lush and creamy lattes and cappuccinos, and unlike other milks, it is much less likely to curdle. It's also handy in an emergency because it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge.


That's right, the big selling point of almost milk is that it is not only far less processed than the other cow's milk alternatives, it's fresh and organic and suitable for almost everyone - including those on the ever-popular paleo diets. It's gluten, lactose, cane sugar and cholesterol free but still has all-important protein and calcium contents and is loved by those looking after their skin as well as vegans. Almond milk is also great for those worried about blood pressure and heart disease, as it's low in sodium but high in those important healthy fats.


It sure is. Made with nothing more than a few dates, filtered water and a pinch of salt - and of course, almonds - the common varieties of almond milk are the option for people tired of those boring old tastes and looking to embrace the latest trends and the adventure of something new. The light and crisp taste is subtly nutty but the really good news is that it highlights the natural coffee flavour, especially compared to soy milk. Check out our range of non-dairy milks here.