Winter Flavour Trends

Satisfine Foods Soup

As autumn comes to and end and we move into winter, it's time to start thinking about whether your cafe, and its menu, will follow suit. Colder weather means different consumer expectations, especially in regards to restaurants and cafes. If you're not offering the consumers what they want, then you're putting yourself at a disadvantage to your competitors. By understanding and staying on top of upcoming winter flavour trends, you can ensure both your customers, and your cafe, are satisfied.

Nothing beats a bowl of warm soup by the fireside after a long day. It's perfect for those chilly winter evenings where you need something to warm you up. It is also an essential element in any cafe's repertoire. By providing both a light and heavy option, you can ensure no customers leave your cafe unfulfilled. For a light soup, try Helen's Creamy Pumpkin Soup. Thick, creamy and heavily seasoned, this soup will never fail to impress. A good option for a heavier alternative would be Helen's Minestrone Soup. It is a combination of diced bacon, spiral pasta and fresh garden vegetables, all in a rich homemade tomato sauce.


The smell of a well made cooking lasagne has the power to invoke hunger throughout your entire cafe, especially in winter time. Consider serving something like Helen's Traditional Round Lasagne which contains creamy bechamel sauce layered with a rich bolognese of beef mince, Italian crushed tomatoes, garlic and basil and of course fresh, homemade pasta. This delectable meal is bound to impress those who give it a go! If you're looking for something a little lighter, try our range of Chef's Edge Arancini.  Arancini are stuffed rice balls, coated with breadcrumbs and made from the best possible ingredients. Chef's Edge ensure all their arancini are stuffed with generous fillings, and have crispy coatings that are the perfect antidote to the winter chill!


Much like with lasagne, you can't really go wrong with a good old plate of meatballs. As a regular comfort food, it is perfect for when the days start getting colder and you want something to warm you up. The Chef's Edge Beef Oregano Meat Balls are a fantastic way to give your customers food that not only keeps them full, but leaves them feeling satisfied.

Winter flavour trends and winter foods can be difficult to follow and hard to track. Remember though, sometimes simple is best. A well-done bowl of soup goes a long way for a cold passer-by. Harbouring an awareness of which foods and recipes consumers are most receptive to in a winter climate will put your cafe on top.